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Awin and ShareASale amplify influencer marketing

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1873 awin and shareasale amplify influencer marketing activity for brands with sideqik partnership

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Awin & ShareASale Amplify Influencer Marketing Activity for Brands with Sideqik Partnership

Awin and ShareASale are two leading global affiliate networks that have forged a path for brands to successfully uncover new growth opportunities and keep abreast of the fast-evolving affiliate marketing space. Now they have teamed up with Sideqik, a technology platform designed to amplify influencer marketing activity and provide easy-to-use measurement tools, to further bolster their commitment to brands and advertisers.

The Benefits of the Collaboration

Awin and ShareASale’s new partnership with Sideqik brings a bridge between influencer marketing and Affiliate networks, allowing for better performance tracking and increased return on investment (ROI). Here are some of the key benefits of this collaboration:

    • Better insights into the performance of influencer marketing campaigns. Sideqik technology allows Awin and ShareASale to gain real-time data and insights into their campaigns, providing valuable feedback and allowing for more tailored and efficient campaigns in the future.
    • More long-term strategies. By having access to real-time performance data and insights, Awin and ShareASale will be able to create more long-term strategies, helping them to better plan future campaigns and increase efficiency.
    • Increased ROI. This partnership will allow the Affiliate networks to deliver higher ROI for their clients. By having access to performance data, they will be able to better identify areas that need improvement, allowing for better optimization and success.
    • A more comprehensive offering for brands. The collaboration between Awin and ShareASale and Sideqik provides a more comprehensive offering for brands, with greater insights into their campaigns and improved performance tracking.

The Future of Affiliate Marketing

Awin and ShareASale’s collaboration with Sideqik reflects the future of Affiliate marketing and its potential for even greater success. With the right technology and measurement tools in place, Affiliate marketing can continue to be an effective way of reaching target audiences and delivering consistent ROI.

This partnership is just one example of how these leading Affiliate networks are continuing to evolve and bring innovative solutions to brands and advertisers. With the right technology and tools, they can ensure that their Affiliate programs run even more efficiently and have even greater success. Today, Awin, the world-leading affiliate marketing network, and ShareASale, the leading performance marketing platform, have joined forces in a new partnership with Sideqik, a software startup that automates influencer marketing for brands. Through this partnership, Awin and ShareASale are providing brands with the innovative Sideqik technology to scale and optimize influencer marketing activities, enabling greater sharing of exclusive deals, offers, and product images beyond any limits of traditional advertising.

For many brands, influencer marketing is a critical piece of the advertising puzzle. Social media influencers are becoming increasingly powerful when it comes to driving content, sales, and engagement. This partnership allows Awin and ShareASale to give brands access to Sideqik’s powerful technology, which can provide deeper insights into influencer performance and enable brands to create campaigns that better reach their target audience.

By utilizing Sideqik’s data-driven insights, Awin and ShareASale brands can access comprehensive analytics packages for understanding the true performance of influencers, helping to identify the most suitable brand ambassadors for campaigns. Brands can also better track the effectiveness of influencer campaigns, as well as optimize against campaign goals.

The tools from Sideqik integrate seamlessly with Awin and ShareASale, allowing brands to measure success at every stage of the influencer marketing process. By empowering brands with the right tools to measure performance, this new partnership also enables brands to maximize their return on investments while reducing the time and expense associated with traditional influencer marketing.

With data showing that influencer marketing is only growing in importance, the powerful combination of Awin, ShareASale, and Sideqik provides brands with the power to not just reach their audiences, but to better understand their performance. This partnership is a major step forward for influencer marketing and is expected to unlock new opportunities for brands of all sizes.

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