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Dear Normie, Don’t Buy Bitcoin

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Dear Normie, Don’t Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, is often seen as an attractive investment opportunity. But before you jump in, there are a few things to consider. Here are some reasons why you should not purchase Bitcoin:

1. Volatile Market

The price of Bitcoin is extremely volatile, and you could easily see your investment skyrocket one day and crash the next. This could result in a major loss for investors who were looking for steady, long-term gains.

2. Price Manipulation

The Bitcoin market is largely unregulated, and has been subject to price manipulation in the past. This means that some investors may be trading on insider knowledge or otherwise gaming the system, making it impossible to predict the true market value of Bitcoin.

3. Limited Use

Bitcoin is still a relatively new technology, and it is not widely accepted as a form of payment. This means that it is difficult to spend Bitcoin in the real world, making it a more difficult investment to turn into profits.

4. High Fees

Transactions that involve Bitcoin often incur high fees, making it more expensive than traditional investments. This could make it difficult for traders to turn a profit.

5. Risk of Hacking

Because Bitcoin is stored online, it is vulnerable to hacking. If your account is compromised, you could lose all of your investments in an instant.


In conclusion, Bitcoin can be an attractive investment opportunity, but it is also a risky one. If you are not an experienced investor, it may be wise to stay away from the volatile and potentially deceptive Bitcoin market.

If you still want to invest, do your homework and remember to only invest money you can afford to lose.

people Bitcoin Recently, “cryptocurrency” has been cropping up in the news more and more. Many people, often known as ‘normies’, are asking themselves if they should join the Bitcoin trend. The answer is simple: unless you know what you are getting yourself into, the answer is no.

The surge in Bitcoin’s price that has been occurring lately is called a “speculative bubble”. This means that people are buying up Bitcoins blindly, without having any knowledge about the industry or its potential. This causes Bitcoin’s value to rise without any fundamental reason. This could set people up for a huge financial loss once the bubble bursts. Investing in something like this has often been compared to gambling, as the outcome is purely dependent on luck and lack of knowledge.

But the risks don’t stop there. Cryptocurrency is largely unregulated, meaning that it’s very easy to get scammed. Although there are ways of protecting yourself, if you don’t have the expertise to do so, you could easily fall victim to a myriad of cyber criminals.

Environmental concerns are also a cause for concern when it comes to cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s energy use is massive, equalling the energy consumption of an entire country or two. As governments work to reduce their carbon footprints, investing in something like Bitcoin could an irresponsible and unsustainable move.

Overall, it’s important for people to be aware that cryptocurrency does have potential, but it is not without its risks. Before investing in something like Bitcoin, it’s best to do your own research and gain some understanding of the market and the technology behind it. In other words, Dear Normie, don’t buy Bitcoin.

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