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How the affiliate channel became Tomhawk Shades’ most profitable in just 12 months

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Tomhawk Shades

Tomhawk Shades On Top, Thanks To Affiliate Channel

One of the most exciting success stories in ecommerce this year has been the ascendancy of Tomhawk Shades to the top of the industry. In fact, their affiliate channel has proven to be their most profitable in mere 12 months. Here, we take a look at how they managed to achieve such remarkable success.

Investing In The Right Channels

The key to Tomhawk Shades’ success is their focus on the affiliate marketing in addition to their traditional marketing efforts. By investing more resources into building a quality affiliate program, Tomhawk Shades achieved remarkable success.

Forming Connections

Tomhawk Shades then worked to form key connections with influential bloggers, content creators and influencers. In addition to building trust with these key people, Tomhawk Shades provided creative materials and strategies that enabled them to successfully market the products.

Setting Up The Right Commission Structure

Tomhawk Shades also put in place a commission structure which rewarded affiliates for their hard work. This is one of the most important elements in a successful affiliate program, as it helps to ensure that affiliates remain motivated to continue creating content and pushing the product to potential customers.

Embracing Social Channels

Finally, Tomhawk Shades embraced social channels as a way to spread the word and drive conversions. By being active on these platforms and establishing relationships with influencers, they were able to reach a much wider audience with their content, and consequently drive more conversions as a result.

Key Takeaways

The success of Tomhawk Shades’ affiliate channel demonstrates the importance of investing in the right marketing channels. By investing resources in quality connections, setting the right commission structure and embracing social media, Tomhawk Shades was able to quickly become the leader in their industry.

One year ago, Tomhawk Shades was just a small glasses company with a humble selection of frames and mainly local customers. Fast forward twelve months, and the company boasts a global presence, sales have increased fivefold, and the affiliate channel has emerged as their most profitable venture. How did a small, regional glasses producer become a world-renowned brand selling thousands of frames in just one year? It all comes down to leveraging the affiliate channel.

Tomhawk Shades’ core strategy is to ensure its partners in the affiliate program reap the rewards of their hard work. Resources are invested in providing quality frames, prompt customer service and clear payment procedures, incentivizing affiliates to push the product and keep customers loyal. The company also works with influencers to drive visibility, assesses popular trends and develops seasonal collections, and engages with its buyers online and through physical events. This commitment to quality and recognition of the human touch has seen their affiliates become the primary source of revenue.

The success of their affiliate program hinges on treating its partners like true stakeholders in the success of the business. Tomhawk Shades advocates open communication and regular financial rewards, based on a simple metric – purchase volume. This incentivizes affiliates to put in more effort as their performance directly correlates with payouts. Tomhawk Shades has also built a comprehensive platform for tracking and analyzing sales metrics, enabling partners to assess their performance and optimize campaigns for increased sales.

Not only does this approach lead to more effective use of resources and a better understanding of what customers want, but it also engenders a sense of community, loyalty and shared values amongst affiliates. This sense of communal achievement and pride in the brand helps make Tomhawk Shades stand out, as well as amplifying the reach and impact of their sales.

Tomhawk Shades’s success is a great example of how an affiliate program can become a key driver of revenue and growth, in an incredibly short amount of time. By leveraging influencers and taking a human-centric approach to its partners, Tomhawk Shades has unlocked the power of the affiliate channel and is reaping the rewards.

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