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ShareASale now offers easy integration with Wix

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ShareASale Now Offers Easy Integration with Wix

ShareASale is a leading affiliate network for performing marketing activities. This platform works with e-Commerce merchants and retailers to manage affiliate programs and make it easier to track referrals, commissions and sales. Recently, ShareASale announced that it has started offering easy integration with Wix, making it easier for marketers to launch their ShareASale affiliate program on Wix’s e-commerce platform.

What Is ShareASale?

ShareASale is an affiliate network that provides comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to create and manage an affiliate program. It partners with over two hundred and fifty retailers, including some of the largest e-commerce websites in the world, such as Amazon, eBay, and Apple. It also provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows merchants to track their affiliate activity, as well as manage their program.

Why Should You Integrate ShareASale and Wix?

Integrating ShareASale and Wix will help to optimize affiliate marketing. It makes it easy for marketers to join the network and launch their affiliate program on Wix’s e-commerce platform. This integration offers several advantages, including:

  • A better user experience: With this integration, marketers can easily access their affiliate program, track their program performance and manage their affiliates all from one place.
  • More flexibility: ShareASale and Wix work together to offer a flexible affiliate program setup with customizable commission structures and customizable tracking options.
  • Increased reach: By integrating ShareASale with Wix, marketers can reach out to Wix’s large network of users to increase their affiliate program’s reach.
  • Better performance insights: The integration gives marketers access to detailed reporting and analytics on their program performance.


ShareASale now offers integration with Wix which makes it easier for marketers to launch their affiliate program directly on Wix’s e-commerce platform. This integration offers several advantages, including enhanced user experience, increased reach, better performance insights and more flexibility. The payment and conversion tracking platform ShareASale, has just announced their latest product offering- the PX to Wix integration. For merchants and affiliates alike, the integration will allow for streamlined operational processes, making it easier and more efficient to run businesses and promote products.

At the heart of the integration is the ability for merchants to easily onboard their products for use in ShareASale’s network. By utilizing Wix’s advanced ecommerce platform, merchants can now rapidly set up access points for affiliates, allowing for quicker setup and activation of campaigns. Wix also offers advanced reporting and tracking capabilities, enabling merchants to quickly identify successful partner efforts and adjust their strategies accordingly.

For affiliates, the integration from Wix will make the process of promoting merchants and their products significantly easier. With ShareASale’s sophisticated tracking tools, affiliates can take advantage of key metrics such as sales, impressions, and commissions, helping them to both better understand the value they are providing and inform their decisions when it comes to streamlining their efforts.

As more and more businesses look to embrace the world of digital marketing, ShareASale’s Wix integration serves as a valuable asset. This move will make it easier for digital marketers, merchants, and affiliates alike to utilize innovative strategies, helping to quickly drive growth and success.

The partnership between ShareASale and Wix will enable companies to quickly and easily access the resources they need to build and grow their operations, making it easier than ever before for businesses to take advantage of the benefits of digital marketing. With the upcoming PX to Wix integration, merchants and affiliates alike will be able to leverage ShareASale’s tracking and promotional suite, allowing for faster product rollouts, better evaluation of campaigns, and improved efficiency overall.

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