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Sushiswap’s 0xMaki to transition to an advisor role

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Sushiswap’s 0xMaki to Transition to an Advisor Role

The recent announcement of 0xMaki’s departure from the Sushiswap team has taken the crypto world by storm. 0xMaki has been one of the most active members of the Sushiswap development team, leaving the project with some big shoes to fill.

However, 0xMaki’s departure doesn’t mean they are completely leaving the Sushiswap family. Although they are stepping away from their roles as a core developer, 0xMaki will still remain a part of the Sushiswap family and assume a new role as an advisor.

Advisor Role

As an advisor to Sushiswap, 0xMaki will continue to have a presence and an impact on the project. They will be advising the development team on various aspects of the project such as strategy, protocol engineering, and development best practices.

0xMaki will also be lending their expertise to other projects within the Sushiswap ecosystem. By offering their advice, 0xMaki can help foster the long-term success of the entire Sushiswap platform.

Impact on the Project

The move to an advisor role will benefit both 0xMaki as well as the Sushiswap project. By transitioning to an advisor role, 0xMaki can continue to provide their expertise while also having more free time to pursue other projects.

The move is also a win for Sushiswap as they now have the opportunity to hire an additional core developer to help fill the void left by 0xMaki. In addition, with 0xMaki’s continued involvement as an advisor, the project should benefit from their experience and knowledge.


Although 0xMaki is leaving their role as a core developer, they will remain an integral part of the Sushiswap family by transitioning to an advisor role. This move is a win for both 0xMaki and Sushiswap as it gives 0xMaki more free time and allows Sushiswap to hire an additional core developer. The addition of 0xMaki as an advisor should also help the Sushiswap project to continue progressing and achieving success.

Key Takeaways:

  • 0xMaki is transitioning from a core developer to an advisor role at Sushiswap.
  • As an advisor, 0xMaki will be providing strategy, development, and engineering advice.
  • The move will benefit both 0xMaki and Sushiswap as it gives 0xMaki more free time and allows Sushiswap to hire an additional core developer.

On Tuesday, Sushiswap, the decentralized exchange (DEX) of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, announced that 0xMaki, its lead developer, would step down in order to assume an advisor role.

0xMaki has been a key contributor to Sushiswap’s success since its launch in September 2020. His work has undoubtedly played a significant part in the unlocking of hundreds of millions of dollars of value for the project’s users.

In his new role as an advisor, 0xMaki will continue to provide insight and guidance to the team on the development of the protocol. He will also take on a larger role in external messaging and community interaction.

Chef Nomi, who has been working on Sushiswap for the past few months alongside 0xMaki, will assume the role of lead developer. Sushiswap also noted that it will begin the search for additional contributors to join the team.

The Sushiswap team emphasized that the transition is something that 0xMaki and their team have been discussing for some time, and they are confident in their technical roadmap going forward.

As one of the key players in the burgeoning DeFi space, Sushiswap’s transition is a positive sign for the industry as a whole. 0xMaki’s move to an advisor role is a clear signal of the success he and the team have achieved, and it reflects the confidence they have in their product and the future of the project.

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